March 21, 2005


When It Comes to Pleasing Your Base, Little Things Like Facts and States' Rights Sure are Inconvenient

There are probably many people out there who are pretty confused by this whole Terri Schiavo case: Who should be responsible for her life? Her husband? Her family? The Lord Jesus Christ? The GOP?

And the reason people are confused is because of people like Tom ("What Scandals?") DeLay, who got all choked up on the House floor, lifted his eyes to the heavens and spoketh:
"Mr. Speaker, after 4 days of words, the best of them uttered in prayer, now comes the time for action. I say again, the legal and political issues may be complicated, but the moral ones are not. A young woman in Florida is being dehydrated and starved to death. For 58 long hours, her mouth has been parched and her hunger pangs have been throbbing. If we do not act, she will die of thirst. However helpless, Mr. Speaker, she is alive. She is still one of us. And this cannot stand. . . .Terri Schiavo has survived her Passion weekend, and she has not been forsaken. No more words, Mr. Speaker. She is waiting. The Members are here. The hour has come."
Thankfully, Roger Ailes (the good one) points out the obvious:
...Ms. Schiavo did not want to be kept alive under the circumstances she is now in. That fact was determined by a court, the determination was affirmed on appeal and all appeals contesting that determination were exhausted. The laws and procedures set forth by the State of Florida for determining such matters were all followed.
If some of you are still confused, Roger was kind enough to provide this link to The Terri Schiavo Information Page. Read it and, guaranteed, you'll be the "Legal-Eagle" hit of your next cocktail party.

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