March 22, 2005

Make a Living Will bloodsuckers like Tom DeLay won't be able to use you as a political tool.

From MetLife:
A living will is not a part of your will. It is a separate document that lets your family members know what type of care you do or don't want to receive should you become terminally ill or permanently unconscious. It becomes effective only when you cannot express your wishes yourself. If your state recognizes a power of attorney for health care, have one executed to authorize someone to act in accordance with your present intentions.

Discuss your wishes as reflected in your living will with family members, and be sure they have a signed copy.
And from Denver's ABC affiliate:
Choose someone who is designated to make healthcare decisions for you in the event you cannot make them yourself. This person is similar to the executor of a will. Pick someone you trust (like say, your husband?), who is forceful enough to stand up to healthcare providers or other family members (like say, your parents?) in the event of a dispute, and who is confident making decisions on your behalf and who you have confidence in (unlike say, Tom DeLay). might be a good place to start...

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