April 23, 2016


Long Live Prince

Crazy 2 Cool (Click Prince to Listen)


December 23, 2013


The Blog Might Be Dead, But Krupmas Lives On

(Click the pic to get yourself some free music)

May 04, 2013


The Blog is Dead. Long Live the Blog.

But my Tumblr's back up!:
bup tumblr (Click an image to go to Krup's Tumblr)

April 25, 2013


Thank You Internets:

December 21, 2012


Happy Crimble 2012 (if we're still here)!

Click the pic for this year's (and past years') "Holiday" mixes:

Steve & Santa

December 24, 2011


Happy Crimble Everyone!

Click the pic for this year's (and past years') "Holiday" mixes:


November 20, 2011


November 09, 2011


Waiting for the End of the Blog

In the meantime, here's the wonderful Tom Waits seeking (and getting) satisfaction:

June 06, 2011


This List Seems About Right

(via videogum)

May 02, 2011


Fun Fact: Osama bin Laden was killed exactly eight years after Bush declared "Mission Accomplished" aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln.

(via Cynical-C Blog)

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