March 18, 2005


The Joey Nichols Club, Member #003

Member #003 is an obvious choice because, without a doubt, he's the biggest asshole in the world:

Bush Ass

Why choose this major leaguer now?
a) He's still breathing, and
b) He selected Paul Wolfowitz to head up and presumably destroy the World Bank.
Plus, when Bush was asked to list Wolfie's qualifications, here's what The Big Turd Sandwich had to say:
He's "a man of good experiences...He helped manage a large organization. World Bank is a large organization, the Pentagon is a large organization."

(Don't believe me? You can watch Bush's performance supporting Wolfowitz via this Daily Show Clip - Click on "Add Hawk" under "Headlines" after you get to the show link.)
So everybody, let's raise our heads up high, lift our voices and say together:
"What an asshole."
(For more about The Joey Nichols Club, go here and be sure to watch this:

And remember, please feel free to suggest future members in our comments section.


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So Bush has now outlawed protests against the Iraq "war."
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