March 05, 2005


Ashes and Snow


I know I already told you that I'm not much of an art critic, but if you're planning to be in New York between now and June 6th I strongly urge you to check out Gregory Colbert's Ashes and Snow at the Nomadic Museum


(a 45,000 square foot edifice constructed mostly of cargo containers and paper tubing) on Pier 54 in Chelsea.


If you're not going to be in New York, their wonderful website will have to do...
(click the picture below)

what? no comment?

there's some interesting blogs out there about this exhibit that provide a critical review about this show that come alove in comparison tot he diluted non-dialogue inciting comments of the exhibit supporters that say - "go see it, it's great, beautiful...." etc etc.

the show makes an attempt to address man's disconnection to other animal species...but.... i think it has major flaws...issues that weren't worked out.... and the exhibit makes a more ciritcal statement for it's conception as a tool for colonization and artists' uncritical self-refelction than it does someone more powerful that i believe it hoped to achieve.

and....... it was very expensive....tries to rip you off at the museum store.... and is very shady with regards to how the proceeds will be spend. (check out the funders of the exhibit, also considr alternatives that the artist could have used to make a more effective statement...but i bleieve it also serves the artist some self-indulgent points that most people would credit him for being "brilliant." ohwell.
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