December 19, 2007


More Holiday CR KRUP


Your humble servant Krup is currently hosting the 58th Annual Six Degrees' Traveller Holiday Music Extravaganza (streaming, I believe, until January 2nd or 3rd). Here's how the Six Degrees website is hyping it:
"On this week's edition of Six Degrees Traveler we bring you our annual holiday radio extravaganza with your special guest host, Krup! Krup has THE most extensive and eclectic collection of holiday music on the planet so you know this isn't going to be your typical holiday show. Krup rocks the season Traveler style with rarities, mash ups, white label mixes and madness galore- so let us help you ring in the season with this year's special mix."
Oh trust me. It's all that and more.

To listen, simply click the Six Degrees Records logo below to go to the Six Degrees channel on (or go to iTunes where you'll find the show under the Electronica and/or Eclectic categories on the radio page -- just scroll down to Six Degrees Traveller). Oh, and did I mention it's FREE?



P.S. - And don't forget these downloadable Krup mixes, available here.

(Scary Santa pic "courtesy" of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.)

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