December 10, 2007


mp3 monday: holiday edition

'Tis the Season when it's almost impossible to walk into your favorite ______ (Starbucks, clothing store, tattoo parlor) without hearing really bad Christmas music (Friday I was forced to listen to some god-awful Josh Groban Christmas gunk). To personally remedy this, I began making alterna-Holiday Compilations for my friends and family many, many moons ago (back then, they were called Comp they are CD Mixes). Since you are all now my friends (except for those of you who write things like "eat shit you fagget terd muncher"), you too get to "enjoy" these festive mixes through the miracle of the internets. Click this year's Christmas Tree (we put it up last night...Toast & Wahoo are not quite used to it) and get into the holiday spirit:

Click to listen (complete with playlist & bonus video)

or right/click download.

And here's last year's mix (I fixed the "broken" mp3) along with part one and part two from 2005.

Note: I've noticed that the Safari browser has trouble with these links. Send your complaints to Steve Jobs.

This is great! Thanks for posting it. :)

Wesley...I'm flashing back to the one and only time I saw him perform. In Chicago. I had no idea who he was or what a figure he'd become. What a trip.

Any way to download this? I'd love to listen to it in the car.
just discovered your blog via searching out an MLK quote...I'm really enjoying everything I've read and seen so far! Thanks! And thanks for this christmas mix--it's great!! I'm not that tech savvy so i could be easily missing something. I want to download your holiday cheer so i've clicked "download" yet i'm not getting a download...? Should I....? Thanks again and Merry Christmas =)
Thanks for posting the link, Krup! Look forward to more nuggets of Krup-like joy in 2008.

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