July 13, 2007


A Quandary

Confession: My wife and I enjoy any movie that features talking animals, especially talking dogs (and yes, we even enjoyed parts of Dr. Doolittle II. I know...). So, needless to say, we are thrilled about the new, live-action version of the classic cartoon, Underdog. There's only one problem (and the trailer neglects to point this out): The movie features Jim Belushi. We are not paying money to go see Jim Belushi. And yet, how does one resist the strange powers of a talking dog...

(Click to watch the Jim Belushi-free trailer)

And how can you resist a movie who's tagline is, "One nation...Under dog"?!?!?

That's a cute trailer.

Have the fundies raised holy hell over the "One nation... under DOG"?
i'm sure it's only a matter of time...
This movie is going to be Bow Wow!

Speaking of One Nation Under Dog...
Check out my latest completed painting with the same title:


Go with dog!

Nathan Janes
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