October 02, 2006


David Cross: Making the World Safe from Jim Belushi

From '03:
Intv: I read something you wrote online that seems to indicate you might not be a Jim Belushi fan.

Cross: He's one of those guys that any real man can't help but idolize. He's living the life. He does it - he's pure. Whenever you see a guy in a commercial high-fiving with a beer in his hand, watching the sports game - that's like a fake version of Jim Belushi. He's the real deal. He's the shit. That guy is reinventing music; he's reinventing comedy; he's an angel; he's one of the nicest, most magnanimous people you'll ever meet; extremely pleasant to be around; very giving; very warm; intellectually original and creative and inspiring. I just try to give him a shout out whenever I can.

Intv: It sounds like what you're saying is that you're either with Jim Belushi or you're with the terrorists.

Cross: Exactly.
(via The Apiary)

So wait, who am I supposed to root for?

The obnoxious C-List celebrity or the overused D-Lister?

I mean, seriously. What a bunch of primadonna fucks the pair of them are.

Ohhh, pick on such an easy target as Belushi? Are you kidding? That whole scene was like Eminem punching Triumph the Insult-Dog.

Yeah... real tough, Cross! The hipster scene died ten years ago. Cross is reaching.
this is the madddddddddddddddd scientist and both of these guys are just trying to make it in a hateful world that you are propegating and encouraging through these careless posts. SHAAAAAAAAAAME! I AM HOV.
Funny dance! There use to be some really funny essays about David Cross hanging out with The Belush, but I can't find them online anymore.
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