April 12, 2007


President Obama

I hate to say it, but man is this guy articulate. No, not in a Joe Biden/Don Imus way but in a "we haven't witnessed a politician this articulate since Bobby Kennedy" kind of way. Kerry never did a good job of speaking for me or to me. Unfortunately, neither did Al Gore (although he's become a lot better). Bush? About as articulate as box of rocks. McCain? Pure gibberish. Rudy? Yes, for one week of his miserable life he was articulate. Hillary? I can't listen to her because I don't believe she believes what she's saying. Reagan ("weeeelllll"), Nixon ("let me make one thing perfectly clear"), Carter ("nuculer"), Bush I (I only remember his Dana Carvey-isms). Only Bill Clinton comes close but he does tend to go on and on and on and too often plays up his southern-boy thang.

But Barack Obama? This guy brings the goods. And it's not just how he says it, it's what he says:

Dave & Barack
(Click for Part 1)

Dave & Barack
(Click for Part 2)

I think the question isn't whether America is ready for a Black President. It's whether America is ready for a President who is this smart.

You can support Barack by clicking here.

Barack had my vote right ever since I heard his speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention. I will never forget that speech as long as I live.
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