April 12, 2007


Racist in the Morning

Just a few quick words on the Don Imus affair: Some people out there are calling this whole unfortunate situation a free speech issue. Only half true. Imus can certainly say whatever the hell he wants, especially on his own time. But he happens to have a job that is both ratings and advertiser dependent. If his employers believe that his words hurt either, then they have every right to can his pathetically bony ass. Personally, I would have fired him years ago simply for NOT BEING FUNNY.


MSNBC did the right thing by getting rid of perhaps the most untelegenic person in the history of television (however, his mind is uglier than his face). It remains to be seen what WFAN will do but given the fact that the station is supposed to be a "Sports Radio" station it makes sense to get rid of him, not only because he is sooooooooo not a sports person but can a network devoted to covering Basketball, Baseball and Football – sports featuring, oh, just a few minorities – really think it's a good idea to allow this racist to continue to soil their airwaves?

If they do decide to keep him, I think they should switch to an "all-Hockey & Imus" format. And I said Hockey, not you-know-what...

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