April 09, 2007


If You're In New York...

do go see John Fugelsang's All the Wrong Reasons: A True Story of Neo-Nazis, Drug Smuggling and Undying Love.


John used to work with my wife as a "teleprompter monkey" (his term), hosting various VH1 shows and we always knew he was ridiculously smarter than the material he was forced to deal with. That's why, of course, after VH1 he went on to host America's Funniest Home Videos (hey, even smart guys need to earn a living).

Fortunately, John is now pursuing his muse and has written a very funny, very beautiful one-man show centered around the fact that he is the "real life son of an ex-nun and a former monk" (we kid you not). In the show, John "declares war on everything the neo-cons hold dear...Sex, politics, Klansmen, the drug war, stem cells and radical love - it's all part of this brilliantly comic and heartbreaking odyssey."

We saw a preview this Saturday and laughed our asses off. In fact, the only two people who laughed more than us were the two famous people in front of us (hint: he's a political cartoonist, she's a former news host/anchor-type person).

So do yourselves a favor and click on John's pic above for more information about the show and for a link to buy tix. I believe if you like this blog, you'll love his show.

It sounds like a great show!
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