August 14, 2006


Tom Waits: "Poet, Jazz Singer, Vagrant...& Methodist"

Classic Tom, performing "More Than Rain" and chatting and smoking with the late Mike Douglas.

Oh hell, and while we're at it, here's Tom performing "The Piano's Been Drinking" on Fernwood Tonight:

And coming soon to a record store near you: Orphans
"We're doing a thing called "Orphans," a lot of songs that fell behind the stove while making dinner, about 60 tunes that we collected. Some are from films, some from compilations. Some is stuff that didn't fit on a record, things I recorded in the garage with kids. Oddball things, orphaned tunes."
Can't wait...

Saw Tom in Chicago last wednesday. First time since Amsterdam in '04. What a genius!

I just did a search for "tom waits" and your blog came up.

Great to hear about Orphans, I was thinking the other day that Tom Waits would have a bunch of rareities and B-sides that could be made into a 3 disk set, a la Nick Cave.

Anyway, you should both be thankful that you have seen Tom Waits at all. I am writing from Australia, and he hasn't been here since 1984 (I think) and chances are he won't come back again.
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