August 13, 2006


Elvis Sings "Weeds"

(Click to listen)

The best Showtime original series ever returns tomorrow with a different artist (Costello, Death Cab For Cutie, Regina Spektor, Jenny Lewis) covering the Pete Seeger Malvina Reynolds theme song "Little Boxes" each week -- now let's just hope Showtime doesn't fuck up the show like they did with The "L" Word...

Yo "Little Boxes" is a Malvina Reynolds song (not Pete Seeger). Pete and Malvina were friends and Pete sang "Little Boxes" but it's Malvina's song (and she sang it in the first season of Weeds).
i stand corrected. thanks! i knew the song was by malvina reynolds but took liberties just like my buddy springsteen did for his "seeger sessions" album.
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