March 20, 2006


Sing-a-long with John Lilly

Reader "la" sent me this link to a free download from singer-songwriter John Lilly after she saw him perform in Austin at the SXSW festival. Enjoy y'all...

(Click John, enter the site and then scroll down to the "W" free download link)

What does that “W” stand for?
Warmonger, weasel, or just plain wrong?
I’m worried, I’m weary, I’m wondering why,
And that’s why I wrote this song.

It sure doesn’t stand for wisdom,
‘Cause you ain’t got too much of that.
There’s miles and miles of Texas
Just blowing ‘round under your hat.

And it sure doesn’t stand for the working man,
I don’t think that you give a damn.
You give all the breaks to your high-flying friends
And our jobs to Taiwan and Japan.

To Chorus

It sure doesn’t stand for world peace,
I don’t think that’s part of your plan.
You’ve been having your fun just playing with guns
Since you missed out on Viet Nam.

And it sure doesn’t stand for the wilderness,
The wetlands, or the wide open space.
I’d like to just take a wet washcloth
And wipe that smirk off your face.

To Chorus

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