March 21, 2006


Apocalypse Bush Redux

From digby:
Someone finally asked George W. Bush the one question I've been wanting someone to ask since 9/11:

"Do you believe terrorism and the war in Iraq are signs of Armageddon?"

He sputtered and blinked, the audience laughed and he said: "I've never really thought about it that way" and "this is the first of heard of that, by the way." And then he blathered on with his usual incoherent boilerplate, making no further reference to it openly or in religious codes speak, except to the extent he said we would militarily defend our ally Israel. I wonder how the Bush loving legions of the Christian Right feel about that?

The questioning was quite pointed and he didn't much like it, practically begging part of the way through for it to be over. ("How long do you people do questions around here?" and "Doesn't anybody work in this town?")

He claimed that he'd never said that Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11. Where did people get the idea that it was, do you suppose?
And from the rude one:
"In his entire scripted speech yesterday in Cleveland, President Bush mentioned 9/11 one time, in a comparison between mosque bombers and plane crashers. However, once he went off script and started taking questions, he contextualized his answers through 9/11 another ten times. It was a psychotic moment, like when you tell a four year-old not to say "Shit" after she hears Mommy yell it in traffic and then that's all the four year-old can say for the next three days. Eventually, the only way to get that child to stop is to ignore her."
Or censure her.

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