December 30, 2005


Well, That Didn't Last Very Long, Did It?

So, apparently my self-imposed semi-retirement (see post below) jumped the gun, just a hair. I came home last night and found the latest issue of McSweeney's in the mail and it included a free DVD called Wolphin*: a "DVD Magazine of Unseen Things." The concept of this quarterly DVD offering is to showcase "short films, documentaries, animation and instructional videos that have not, for whatever reason, found wide release."

"Issue" No. 1 includes a film written and starring Miranda July; an excerpt from David O. Russell's Iraq War I documentary, Soldier's Pay; a Turkish sitcom; comedian Patton Oswalt staring into the camera for "five or so minutes" and the so-called "lost" Al Gore Documentary by Spike Jonze. As the Wolphin's editor says, "It may seem like a sweet, simple study of a loving American family, but in our opinion, Jonze's short film could have changed the world."

So, for those of you feeling wistful about what could have been...for those of you who know in your hearts that our country deserves better...and for those of you who won't/can't shell out the dough to subscribe to Wolphin, I present to you the Untitled Al Gore Documentary (with a brief glimpse of Mr. Oswalt). Happy New Year.


(Click the DVD cover to watch)

*Wholphin: A "cross between a whale (Pseudorca crassidens) and a dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)."

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