December 29, 2005


I'm Bushed

It's been an incredibly long and tiring year, filled with scandals, incompetency, ridiculousness, horrors and general malaise. Just a small sampling:
Scooter Libby
Tom Delay
Jack Abramoff
Randy “Duke” Cunningham
Hurricane Katrina/Michael Brown/FEMA/DHS
The Iraq War
Fake News Stories in Iraq
Terry Schiavo
The War on Christmas
Harriet Miers
Samuel Alito
Social Security Reform
Judith Miller
Bernard Kerik (Dec. ’04)
The Bankruptcy Bill
and, perhaps the topper (since supposedly making our country safer is what got The Big Turd Sandwich reelected), The 9/11 Commission's Final Grades

(Click to enlarge)
I, myself, have come down with a severe case of Scandal Fatigue and I've decided to give this blogging thing a break for a little while. How long is hard to say. Blogging is surprisingly addictive so it's quite possible I'll jump back into the fray as soon as the muse hits me over the head. But in the meantime, I'll leave you in the good hands of John, Atrios, Jane, Digby, TBogg and The Rude Pundit (the last two should cover all your snark needs).

Here's to a 2006 that will make us once again feel proud to be Americans.



P.S. - For a great, non-political diversion, check out the Top 50 Videos of 2005, courtesy of DoCopenhagen. Thanks to the ever-diligent Freakgirl for finding this.

Number Nine

youre misguided..
I' d put together the Top 50 Music Videos of 2006 - thought you might enjoy it...
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