December 14, 2005


Perks of the Job

As some of you may know, I "work" in the television industry. Today, I'm producing a promo for a great show called "Later...with Jools Holland" which airs on the music channel Rave HD, which is available on Dish Network through their Voom Pak (which, I believe, is watched by about 3 people). In addition to live, in-studio performances by 5 or 6 guests per week, "Later" also features interviews with some of the bands. I just watched an interview with New Order in which Jools asked if the band had any advice for young bands just starting out.

(Some background before the punchline for the musically impaired: New Order is comprised of Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris who used to be in the band Joy Division until their lead singer, Ian Curtis, hung himself. And now back to our regularly scheduled post...)

Bass player Peter Hook's advice? "Keep your eye on your lead singer."

Pictured: Ian Curtis (left), Peter Hook at Ian Curtis' gravesite (right)

Later with Jools Holland is aired on BBC2 over here in the UK. It's quite a popular show with music fans

I saw this, it must of been a few months ago now. They're a funny lot indeed and what Hooky said is right. Bernard Sumner has been known to go a bit crazy now and again, especially on stage with his dancing and wooping antics.

A great band though, almost every album of theirs provides hours of fun.

Thumbs up for New Order. ;)
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