December 14, 2005


Giving Krupni(c)ks A Bad Name

Joel Krupnik and Mildred Castellanos decked the front of their Manhattan mansion this year with a scene that includes a knife-wielding 5-foot-tall St. Nick and a tree full of decapitated Barbie dolls. Hidden partly behind a tree, the merry old elf grasps a disembodied doll's head with fake blood streaming from its eye sockets.

In a telephone interview Wednesday, Krupnik explained that his family thought it would be a fun way to make a comment about the commercialization and secularization of Christmas.

"It is a religious holiday, but they have turned it into a business. And it shouldn't be," he said. "We didn't put it up to offend anybody. It was just something that came out of our imagination."
Look, I'm happy to do my part to kill Christmas but I promise it will always be in good taste (well, at least it won't involve blood). And for the record: I'm not related to Joel (there's a "c" in my last name).

So were the first person I thought of when I saw this last week.
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