February 18, 2005


Some Friendly Advice

If you think it might be a good idea to detox after the holiday craziness of December (followed closely by your birthday "week" in January), choosing February as the month in which you stop drinking (February, of course, being the shortest month), yet you are the type of person who tends to get a wee bit snippy at the smallest provocations (tourists who stop in the middle of the sidewalk; subway riders who try to enter the car before letting people off; taking creative direction from the marketing department), then I'd suggest sticking with the sauce...otherwise, you'll be living in Crankyville for 28 days.

On the other hand, after you see this video clip (courtesy of The Next Left by way of TBogg), you might want to consider drinking only the hard stuff and laying off the grape. And whatever you do, don't drink anything while watching this...

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