February 18, 2005


Let's Have Some Fun With
Other People's Bandwidth

Like most of you, I tend to get most of my information from The Daily Show. And now that Comedy Central's finally had the good sense to yank Colin Quinn off the air (yes, some of his guests were very clever and funny but Quinn is neither...plus he's never mastered the ability to speak in complete sentences), we now get a full hour of The Daily Show (a new show followed by a repeat of the previous night's show). Let's hope they continue this practice forever.

Anyway, last night I was able to watch a repeat of Wednesday night's show (which featured the great Gannon/Blog Cabin Republican story). This was followed by a very informative Lewis Black commentary, mostly focusing on porn, masterbation and, wait for it: The Parents Television Council. The PTC's mission seems to be to watch and catalog all sorts of perversions on the tube, from "gratuitous sexual innuendo" to necropohilia, all because, and I quote: "Our Children Are Watching."

Well, the PTC runs a website. You can go to it right now: www.parentstv.org (but I'd prefer it if you finished reading my post first). Once you're there, you'll see a link to "Worst of the Week Clips Gallery". On this page you'll find that gratuitous sexual innuendo you've been dying for (as well as that necrophilia someone else died for).

It's so nice that the PTC has compiled all of these clips...Because Our Children May Not Know What To Watch. Our children now have a handy website filled with all the stuff their parents have been trying to protect them from (yeah, like "our children" don't just go over to their friends' houses and watch all of this crap anyway).

So, here's the plan: Go to the "Gallery" and watch the clips. All of them. Watch them over and over. Tell your friends to do the same. The more people who watch, the more expensive the PTC's bandwidth becomes. Then maybe they'll have less money to harass SpongeBob and cheer on the FCC for increasing indecency fines.

Try it. I think it'll be fun (if nothing else, you'll get to watch the great South Park "Whore Off" between Paris Hilton and Mr. Slave).

For more fun (that will take a little bit more of an effort), our old friend, The Rude Pundit, has a grand idea to spread (poor choice of words) the Gannon/Guckert scandal to the Religious Right. Go here for the background and go here for the specifics of The Rude Pundit's scheme.

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