January 05, 2005


Well, Duh

The Bush administration is hoping that massive U.S. relief aid to tsunami victims will lessen anti-American sentiment in the Muslim world and bolster the fight against terrorism, Secretary of State Colin Powell said yesterday.

"It turns out that the majority of those nations affected were Muslim nations," Powell said. "We'd be doing it regardless of religion, but I think ... [U.S. aid] does give the Muslim world and the rest of the world ... an opportunity to see American generosity, American values in action."

Humanitarian aid also "dries up those pools of dissatisfaction that might give rise to terrorist activity," he said.
I'm just a lowly blogger but I could've told you that two weeks ago. How stupid are these people who are supposedly running our country? It obviously took them awhile to put 2 and 2 together otherwise they wouldn't have intially led with their measly $15 million offer.

After 9/11, The Bush Administration had a similar opportunity to "give the Muslim world...an opportunity to see...American values in action" but, instead, chose to give them a shocking and awesome demonstration of our military might by blowing the crap out of Iraq. Dumbshits.

(source: The Associated Press)

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