January 06, 2005


It's Nice to Know There's at Least
Two or Three Democrats with Actual Spines

Congratulations to California Sen. Barbara Boxer and Ohio Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones for formally lodging an objection to the vote certification:
"This objection does not have at its root the hope or even the hint of overturning or challenging the victory of the president," Tubbs Jones said. Boxer said it was a matter of "electoral justice."

Their objection forced the House and Senate to halt their joint session, usually a routine and ceremonial quadrennial affair.
I would have preferred something a bit more aggressive, but it's the thought that counts.

Meanwhile, Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont took a swipe at Alberto "Torture is Quaint" Gonzales:
"Those abuses serve as recruiting posters for the terrorists," Leahy said at a Senate confirmation hearing for Gonzales, President Bush's White House counsel.

"America's troops and citizens are at greater risk because of those actions," (continued) Leahy..."The searing photographs from Abu Ghraib (prison in Iraq) have made it harder to create and maintain the alliances we need to prevail."
But, no matter: The majority of our wimpy Democrats will roll over as soon as anyone questions their patriotism.

It's gonna be a long four years...

Update: If you'd like to thank Senator Boxer, go here and here.

I disagreed with B. Boxer. My feeling is that the country needs to come together a bit more and show some principles. -- a losertarian -- according to medved

I would rather she had done some Tsunami work than waste her political time with this.
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