January 27, 2005


Starting to Get a Clue

Chuckie (Gonzales "is a better candidate than Ashcroft") Schumer finally showed some spine yesterday:
(Being) "less polarizing than John Ashcroft is not enough to get my vote."
A big "duh" goes out to Sen. Schumer.

And speaking of "Big Duhs," Joe Biden, the "most powerful" Democratic Senator, also seems to have woken up from his stupor:
(Gonazales') "judgment is defective."
Oh wait, no he didn't:
"Even voting against him (Gonzales), he's a significant improvement over the attorney general we have there now."
Can this doink be recalled?

"I am the most powerful Democratic plagiarizer ever! Kneel before me or I'll literally take the words right out of your mouths."

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