January 15, 2005

America's Cheerleaders!

The Red, White, Black & Blue Cheerleading Squad:


(clockwise from right: Captain George W. Bush, Co-Captain Donald Rumsfeld, Stunt Coordinator Charles Graner, Coach & Advisor Alberto Gonzales and Dance Choreographer Lynndie England [center photo] with Graner and members of the Junior Varsity)

Editor's Note: You'd think Army Spc. Charles Graner Jr. would have realized that the "thumbs-up" pose was completely inappropriate for greeting reporters right after being convicted of assault, conspiracy, maltreatment of detainees, committing indecent acts and dereliction of duty. But then again, how smart can this yahoo be?

Graner at Abu Graner

Abu Ghraib prison photos courtesy of Antiwar.com


oldwhitelady said...

I've got to remember to stop giving the thumbs up to people. Those torturers have made it a dirty gesture.

Champollion said...

Great post. Freakin' idiots.