October 07, 2004


World O'Crap

World O'Crap has been kind enough to link to this blog more than once, so please do me a solid: Go visit this excellent blog as soon as you have the time. Every single day, World O'Crap somehow manages to post long, solid, intelligent, humourous "musings" (essays? commentaries? who gives a crap what they're called) about, well, our world of crap. The weekly "Townhall Review" is a must-read in which World O'Crap picks apart the long, boring, stupid, dumb "musings" of townhall.com: "Conservative News and Information" (always good to know thy enemy). And this week's disection of the Vice Presidential Debate, Earth vs. Soup is as good as blogging gets.

Have fun and tell 'em Krup sent you...

Also: via the indispensable AMERICAblog, I was led to this incredible site: Betty Bowers - America's Best Christian. Betty's got the goods: News, Interviews, Movie Reviews, Advice and some kickass Buttons. Enjoy!

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