October 19, 2004


Whoa Wonkette!

The good thing about having Wonkette link to your teeny, little blog:

Affirmation that you're not just doing this in a total void (10,000 hits in a couple of hours. Keanu sez "Whoa!")

The bad thing: There goes your bandwidth (10,000 hits? John Wayne sez "Whoa!")

And for the record: I do not personally think Jon Stewart is tiny (that's Wonkette's whatever). Although Stewart is a self-proclaimed short man, it takes someone quite big to be invited on a show and then tell the hosts they're completely full of it. Bravo Big Jon.

I love wonkette!

Where can I get the countdown thing? I know bad choice of words..To put on my blog? I need and want that. Only 93 More Days!!!
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