October 19, 2004


So, What Did You Do Last Friday?

The Boston Red Sox* were kind enough to finish off the longest post-season game in baseball history just in time for me to catch Jon Stewart's thoughts about his appearance on the show "named after the stray bullets that hit innocent bystanders in a gang fight." In case you missed it, you can watch it here, thanks to the miracle of BloggerVision (patent pending).

*And, yes, I'm a New Yorker who is rooting for the Red Sox. Why, you ask? Because I'm a Mets fan, and the only time a Yankee fan ever rooted for the Mets was in '86 (and if you don't know what that means you probably stopped reading a couple of sentences ago).

Thanks for the video and for rooting for the Sox - though I'm still bitter about '86.
Thank you very much for providing the vid.
Ah, yes. I too am rooting for a Red Sox victory. I know it's a forlorn hope, expecting the Red Sox not to choke, but I hate the Yankees.

\BTW, Jon Stewart is also a Mets fan.
Bravo for posting the Stewart video. I have it on my Tivo at home. Make sure you watch 'til the end, where Robert Novak (Douchebag for Freedom) calls Stewart "not funny" (an opinion he's entitled to) and "uninformed."

You can't make stuff like that up. Really.

I am genetically incapable of being a Mets fan (Chicago north-sider. Cubs. It's a condition you learn to live with)
Though born in Queens, I'm a Yank fan from way back, and I root for the Mets whenever they're not playing the Yankees. I was really excited about their season until the All Star break.

All you Mets fans in New York rooting for the Sox are a bunch of jealous turncoat sourgrapers.

So there.
Yes, another Mets fan rooting for the Sox! Also, notice the obvious parralel of an unlikely Rangers - Red Sox world series. The Presidential Series... has a nice ring to it.
Growing up in Queens, the first ballgame my father took me to was at Ebberts Field to see the Dodgers. No one from Brooklyn or Queens would EVER root for the Yankees. When the Dodgers left, we waited four years for the arrival of the Mets. We finally had a team of our own. No matter how bad they could be at least they seemed more like us.

Root for the Yankees???? You gotta be kinding.

Oh and by the way, I have a "boy" just like yours.
Labs Rule!!!!

Great job. Thanks to BloggerVision® I didn't miss out on the continuing saga of the dancing monkies. Every household should have Bloggervison® as it makes you smarter and cures bad breath... It truly is miraculous!
John Stewart owes Tucker Carlson an Apology

for calling him a dick.

Anyone with any sense knows he ought to have called him a pussy.
I was born in upstate NY, so I'm a Yankees fan by default. I don't even watch baseball, but when people ask if I'm a Yankees fan, I always say "You bet." It must have been coded into my matrix or something.
Another Mets fan for Sox.

And can Jon Stewart get any cooler?
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