October 13, 2004


Debate #3: What Kerry Should Say

The Rude Pundit sez it so I don't have to (and because I'd probably blush):
If, at tonight's "debate," when Kerry is asked, "How do you answer the charge that you are one of the most 'liberal' members of Congress?", he doesn't answer, "Holy shit, what the fuck does that mean? No, seriously, ask anyone in the audience if they even understand what it means, 'liberal.'...lemme tell you what a liberal is: a liberal ain't some sandal-wearin' pussy who sobs for the spotted owl while abortin' children, invitin' Osama Bin Laden over to dinner for sensitivity training, and donatin' money to French Faggots Against America. No, motherfuckin' liberals got shot down tryin' to make sure you had an eight-hour work day, motherfuckin' liberals got lynched for sayin' people oughta be equal, motherfuckin' liberals got beaten down tryin' to stop the Vietnam War...You keep clingin' to that Republican-fed dream, man, as you're huddled in the darkness and cold 'cause you can't afford the oil to heat your house, even workin' fifteen hours a day at two jobs, as you're eatin' dog food and rationing out your scrips, you keep believing that better days are comin' and goddamn those September 11 terrorists for makin' your life so miserable. Yeah, you and your dying American dream can comfort yourselves that you didn't vote for the liberal," then the debate will be worthless.

And that's basically the non-rude part.

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