December 17, 2008


The FINAL Bush White House Christmas Video

videogum is convinced that the entire Bush family was on crack when they made this. I just find it amazing that these smug fucks found the time to sit around and make this crap while our economy craters. Oh, and let's not forget to "celebrate America," that great country which allowed Daddy to send 4,209 American soldiers to their deaths in Iraq. Yea America! Yea Daddy!!!

man .. you made it through all 4 minutes of that crap!? i got to the part where the dog has a thought bubble and realized .. he hes smarter than ths schmuck hes sitting next .. and then i thought .. hey that schmuck ruined my country .. gaaaahhhhh .. make it stooop!!

i can not wait til they are gone

worst. governor (or president depending on who you ask). ever.
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