October 01, 2008


John McCain is a Lying, Senile, Defensive C*nt (to use one of his favorite words)

Watch John McCain lie about Barack Obama "supporting" sex education for children; get completely caught off-guard after a question about his personal government-paid healthcare (diffusing the question with the weirdest non sequitur of his campaign...so far) and become flip and defensive when Sarah Palin's qualifications are called into question:

This man should not be allowed anywhere near our nuclear launch codes. Nor should this clueless woman (who can't even list one newspaper or magazine she's ever read):

Doncha love that she brought daughter Willow along for a prop? Shameless. I sure hope Willow was listening to her Mom's comments about contraception.

And, didya know that one of Sarah's best friends is gay? Now that's Mavericky...

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