October 09, 2008


Do You Really Want To Go There?

Mr. and Mrs. John McCain discuss Barack Obama's "associations" with the unhinged, right wing nutjob Sean Hannity.

Palin says this goes to "the candidate's judgment and who he choose (sic) to associate himself with in the past, perhaps the present..." Notice how all three avoid John McCain's association with Charles Keating who caused the Savings & Loan crisis that cost taxpayers $2 billion dollars. Or John McCain's association with the U.S. Council for World Freedom of which John McCain was a board member:
The USCWF was founded in Phoenix, Arizona in November 1981 as an offshoot of the World Anti-Communist League. The group was, from the onset, saddled with the disreputable reputation of its parent group. The WACL had ties to ultra-right figures and Latin American death squads. Roger Pearson, the chairman of the WACL, was expelled from the group in 1980 under allegations that he was a member of a neo-Nazi organization.
There's also no mention of Sarah Palin's association with anti-semite and Jews for Jesus founder David Brickner who said (in front of Palin at her house of worship) that terrorist attacks on Israelis is God's "judgment of unbelief" of Jews who haven't embraced Christianity. And, curiously, there was no mention of Sarah and Todd Palin's association with the Alaska Independence Party which wants Alaska to secede from the United States of America (talk about "Country First").

But the real shocker of this interview is the very last word Palin says to Sean Hannity. Oh, the vulgarity...

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