October 11, 2008


Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

McCain/Palin-lovin', Obama-haters:

And watch what happens when McCain actually says something nice about Obama:

To paraphrase "W": Is Are "Adults" Learning? I wonder if anyone has done a study to determine how many IQ points one risks losing by watching Fox "News"...

UPDATE: Here's more of McCain's townhall meeting'. What a mess he's gotten himself into: He goes all negative, fans the flames of hatred, get's pummeled for it in the polls and then tries to make nice. It appears to be too late:

I come from time to time not to steal videos, but enjoy the content. Too bad I don't have the time, (like 2 comments above,) to sit around and wait for your page to load it's WHOPPING 537 elements. I'll use your own words: "(trust me, the best way to lose traffic is to have visitors come up empty when trying to access your page). this could be easliy remedied, unless of course changing it would change your monitization strategy. I guess I'll just have to come every 3-4 months and realize why I don't come everyday. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face sir.
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