September 05, 2008


McLame: "I will be a great president because, have you heard, I was a POW 40 years ago and I learned to love my country."

That was more or less the total gist of McShameless' acceptance speech last night. Well, that plus some "Change We Can Trust" b.s. backed up by the claims that:
• He went to Washington to "fight corruption" (well, only after he was caught knee-deep in a corruption scandal which cost taxpayers $3 billion dollars)

• He has had the "courage to take on the G.O.P." (when he wasn't voting with George W. Bush 95% of the time)

• He "always tell(s) the truth" (except, of course, when he isn't).
Corrupt Corruption Fighter, Courageous Champion of George W. Bush's Failed Policies and Teller of Truthiness. That's a pretty thin resume. Heck, he doesn't even have any "EXECUTIVE" experience:

So, I guess the only thing that rang true during McSame's speech last night is the fact that, yes, we get it, he was a POW. But as both that Dirty Hippie Wesley Clark and that Hollywood Liberal Fred Thompson have said, it doesn't qualify someone to be president:

They're just sayin'...

One last thing: Green Screen! Stephen Colbert must be a very happy man...

Green Screen Update: The picture behind McCain was supposed to be of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. But Republicans can't do anything right:
"You're gonna love this. Remember the weird green screen behind McCain as he was speaking last night? As his speech went on, we realized it was grass - grass from a larger photo of a house or some big mansion or something. In fact, the picture was of Walter Reed. No, not Walter Reed Army Medical Center where injured troops are treated - though that was clearly McCain's intent, to use our injured troops as a political prop (just as last night they dared show footage of the planes crashing into the World Trade Center, and the towers falling) - no, in fact, McCain posted a photo of Walter Reed Middle School, a school for kids in California that has nothing to do with Walter Reed the military hospital. They actually thought the school was the Army hospital. Apparently McCain just discovered the Google."
What's even more amazing about this fuckup, is that they eventually replaced the picture with an American flag video providing a blue screen behind McCain (blue screen is just as easy to mess with as green screen).

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