March 27, 2008


Greta Van Susteren Gets Served

(by Al Sharpton of all people):

I seem to remember thinking Greta was intelligent when she was on CNN. Proof that Fox News makes people stupid? Or maybe it was just her horrible plastic surgery...

For the record, I agree with every single thing Rev. Wright said in the clips chosen by Van Susteren with the exception of Wright's last soundbite about Bill Clinton -- but I admit I don't know the full context of that last clip and perhaps Wright has a legitimate gripe about how Clinton treated Black people. Also, calling Condoleeza Rice "CondoSKEEZA" undermines Sharpton's argument that Wright didn't use any derogatory terms. However, it was a) funny (unlike Imus' comment about the innocent women on the Rutgers Basketball team) and b) aimed at a not-so-innocent individual.

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