January 04, 2008


Perhaps The Rude Pundit Was Wrong About Iowa

From The New York Times:
"Mr. Obama’s victory in this overwhelmingly white state was a powerful answer to the question of whether America was prepared to vote for a black person for president. What was remarkable was the extent to which race was not a factor in this contest. Surveys of voters entering the caucuses also indicated that he had won the support of many independents, a development that his aides used to rebut suggestions from rivals that he could not win a general election. In addition, voters clearly rejected the argument that Mr. Obama does not have sufficient experience to take over the White House, a central point pressed by Mrs. Clinton."
Faith in my country is slowly being restored. Or should I say "cautiously" being restored: Afterall, the other side of this caucus coin is Mike Huckabee.

Update: Here's Obama's victory speech:

Judging by the crowd's reaction, I'm not sure if he's a presidential candidate or a rock star.

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