January 08, 2008


Jon Stewart Jumps the Shark

Jon has always been good at having it both ways politically. As scathing as he's been toward Republicans, he, rightly, has turned his sword on Democrats when they screw the pooch. The following obviously written (and therefore scabbed) editorial from Jon's first night back "without WGA writers" contains some great jabs at the greedy producers of AMPTP ("or NAMBLA") but Jon chose to end his rant by stabbing his fellow writers in the back. In my opinion, he completely undermined their cause -- and yes, it is a cause Jon. You, not the picketing writers, through clever editing, juxtaposition and your own math, have chosen to compare it with more serious matters but that still doesn't make the strike a non-serious matter. Talk to my friends who are not millionaires or even thousandaires who haven't worked in months and have mouths to feed.

By the way Jon, who is making the money off of the "The Brothers Solomon" DVD commercial that airs before this clip on The Daily Show's official site? Or the other embedded ads peppered throughout the site? Just sayin'...

I'm hoping Jon comes back tomorrow with an apology of sorts (but I wouldn't count on it). I imagine he will have a pretty frosty relationship with his writers once the strike is settled. And, at least until he makes up for last night (and his continued crossing of the picket lines to do his show), he's going to have a frosty relationship with at least one viewer. Which totally sucks because as a political junkie who can't stand MSCNNFOXBC, I need this show.

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