January 28, 2008


Eugene Mirman: Scientologist

"I'm tasting meatloaf. You know why? Because I want to."

I'd be happy if someone made a Tom Cruise/Scientology parody video every week for the rest of the year.

Yes, Scientology and Scientologists are ludicrous, overweening, stupid: but like all fanatics, they can also be dangerous.

Just ask
Lisa McPherson
Keith Henson
Dennis Erlich
Arnaldo Lerma
the government of Canada
Steven Fishman
John McMasters
The Readers Digest
Gerry Armstrong
Grady Ward

The least they'll do is take all your money and make a good attempt at making you insane.

I am Lord Xenu, head of the Marcab Confederacy, and I approve this message.
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