December 23, 2007


My Favoritest Christmas Movie!

When I was a young, Jewish, Christmas-loving tyke, my favorite part of the Holiday Season was, with out a doubt, the multiple showings of Laurel & Hardy's March of the Wooden Soldiers (originally known as Babes in Toyland) on New York's WPIX. This film is perhaps the scariest/creepiest/weirdest family film ever made and I'm sure it informed my more "mature" film sensibilities (it's should be no surprise that I'm a huge fan of David Lynch as well as Tod Browning's Freaks). I've been looking for it online the last couple of Christmases, and now, at last, I've found it. Hope you dig it as much as I do:

For more info about Babes in Toyland/March of the Wooden Soldiers, go here.

ahh...the memories. Thanks
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