November 05, 2007

mp3 monday: the sound of record execs freaking out edition

Poet, activist, hip hopper Saul Williams has teamed up with Nine Inch Nailer Trent Reznor to release THE INEVITABLE RISE AND LIBERATION OF NIGGYTARDUST! available only on the internet for (get this) free or 5 bucks. I'm guessing Jimmy Iovine is not pleased.

Not sure I wanted to plunk down $5 for something I had never heard (even though I agree with Saul who said "Five bucks seemed pretty fair. It's the cost of a good latte, so you'd hope people would pay that much for a good record"), I decided to download it for free. Halfway through listening to it, I went back to the site and virtually plunked down my 5 bucks to "directly support the artists involved in the creation of this music." The "album" is a killer: Nine Inch Nails meets Public Enemy yet oddly more accessible than either of those groups (maybe because there's a little non-hatable Lenny Kravitzy stuff going on as well). Here's a sample:

Click to listen to Saul Williams' "WTF!" (NSFW)

Did you like? Then you know what to do...

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