October 15, 2007

The REAL Rudy: Radios

Warning: This video will make you angry. It also should make you cry:

Because of our dogs (long story), my wife and I interact with our local firefighters almost everyday. "Our" firehouse alone lost 10 men on 9/11 (Firefighter David G. Arce, Firefighter Gerard Baptiste, Firefighter Brian E. Bilcher, Firefighter Michael Boyle, Firefighter Robert E. Evans, Firefighter Robert King, Jr., Firefighter Keithroy M. Maynard, Lieutenant Kevin J. Pfeifer, Firefighter John P. Tierney and Firefighter Jeffrey P. Walz). It sickens me to think that these men could still be alive if it weren't for the arrogance of America's so-called Mayor. This asshole spent more time trying to rid the city of squeegee men and ferrets then he did trying to protect the lives of firefighters and the citizens of New York.

(Video courtesy of therealrudy.org. Click the link to sign a petition for an investigation into Rudy's failure to provide adequate radios to New York City's firefighters.)

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