October 01, 2007


mp3 monday

Today's tasty musical morsel is ridiculously fresh: It was literally recorded last night at The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza (yes, that is the venue's actual name).


In a deliciously perverse way to promote her latest album, Lucinda Williams has been performing five albums from her back catalog in their entirety over five consecutive nights, first in L.A. and now in New York City. Last night, my wife and I saw Lu perform what for us is her best album, Essence. She and her band were in terrific form and it was a treat to hear her talk about where the songs came from and/or what influenced them.

The song that truly blew me away last night was Bus to Baton Rouge, a song about returning to her family home in Louisiana and reliving the "dark family secrets that we don't want to talk about." During the course of the song, she explained just what some of those secrets are. To say the least, it was a powerful baring of the soul.

To listen/download, click the pic of Lucinda. To buy this entire concert and any of the other 9 shows, go to Lu's store.

Her song really struck home for me. Our oldest son suffers from schizoaffective disorder. My husband, younger son, and I have all suffered bouts of depression/anxiety. The subject of mental illness may be taboo, but it's important to educate as many people as possible. The general public is so ignorant about medications and their affect on people.

Thanks for sharing Ms. Williams' song. She has a beautiful voice and unique story-telling quality.
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