September 04, 2007


Workin' Like a Dog

Over the long weekend, my wife and I realized that basically our dogs lead the opposite lives that we do. Our weekends, in contrast to our hectic working weekdays, are all about doing a whole lot of nothing: Read, catch some rays, eat, drink wine, sleep. That's about it. For the dogs, weekday life is all about doing nothing: Sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep (don't worry, they get three walks a day). But on weekends, our dogs go to work: Digging holes, chasing after birds and frisbees, following me around all day pestering me to take them to the beach and, most importantly, barking at every single motor boat that passes by our house (sailboats, kayaks and jet skis do not interest them). Wahoo (the yellow lab) is basically the crew chief of this job. He's always the first to spring to action. Toast (the golden), simply follows his lead. Don't get me wrong, Toast is a good worker but Wahoo is the 125% guy. While Toast may be content to just run out of the house and bark from a safe distance, Wahoo always sprints to the end of our dock and let's every boater know who's the boss.

On Sunday, we closed our living room door (which faces the bay) because my wife and I wanted to take a boat ride, sans dogs. However, before we were fully ready to leave, we still had our bedroom door open which also leads outside. A boat came by and Wahoo, having been thwarted by door number one, simply turned around, ran into our bedroom and out door number two. We got him inside fairly easily and we closed the screen door in the bedroom (but not the glass door). Sure enough, another boat came by and Wahoo, remembering that the bedroom door was open, came charging through the bedroom and out the door. I heard a noise followed by the people on the boat yelling, "Oh man!" Yep, Wahoo tore right through the screen:


Didn't even phase him. Good work, boy...

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