August 16, 2007


Not Cute

New York Magazine's culture editor Jared Hohlt is either blind (unlikely); an idiot (quite possibly); or thinks he is cute and clever (highly likely). In the most recent issue of the magazine, Hohlt ran a profile on the great Mary Louise Parker which spent quite a lot of space sympathetically retelling the tabloid-esque tale of her breakup with actor Billy Crudup (he reportedly left Parker while she was seven months pregnant to hook-up with his younger co-star Claire Danes). Nothing really wrong with that, right? That's just obvious journalism in action. The problem with the story is that it was followed, on the very next page, by a review of Stardust featuring both a picture and glowing praise for it's star...Claire Danes.

Parker, Crudup and Danes have all moved on. Hohlt is apparently still in High School.

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