August 20, 2007


mp3 monday


Today's toe-tapper comes courtesy of Winnipeg's The Weakerthans, proponents of "punk-inflected folk rock" -- or is that folk-inflected punk rock or rock-inflected punk folk? Doesn't matter. They're good. Not very prolific (only three full-length albums in a decade), but good (according to stereogum, they've got a new album on the way). Until the new album comes out, you can chew on Watermark, a track from 2000's Left and Leaving (which also contains the song Aside which somehow ended up on the end credits of The Wedding Crashers. I'm guessing Owen Wilson's a fan). Click the album cover and punk-folk-rock out.

I absolutely love them. LOVE! Good call. They're coming to Seattle Oct. 4th. Hints at new music. At least I hope so. Either way, I'll be there with bells on.
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