August 06, 2007


mp3 monday

Talking Animals

Today's pick to click is T Bone Burnett's "The Killer Moon" from 1988's The Talking Animals. If you're familiar with T Bone, it's most likely through his production work (Elvis Costello, his ex-wife Sam Phillips, The Wallflowers, the "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" soundtrack, etc.). But T Bone is an accomplished singer-songwriter who has been recording music since 1972 (with a 14 year hiatus between 1992-2006). While a lot of his music leans towards country, T Bone took a wide left turn with The Talking Animals, enlisting Peter Gabriel's guitarist David Rhodes as co-producer along with Gabriel's bassist Tony Levin and a slew of guest artists (including Costello, Bono and Rubén Blades). The result was a mixed bag but most of the record holds up and sounds as fresh today as it did almost 20 years ago.

"The Killer Moon" is based on a poem written by Burnett's six year old daughter at the time:
the talking animals say
when the moon's so big and yellow
it's called the killer moon
Click the album cover to listen/download. Oh, and check out the cool video.

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