August 29, 2007


Katrina, Two Years Later

Ah, remember when President Feelgood filled us full of platitudes and promised to rebuild the Gulf Coast?

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via Facing South: On September 15, 2005, President Bush pledged that our nation would "do what it takes, and stay as long as it takes," to rebuild the Gulf Coast. Yet over 60,000 people are still in "temporary" FEMA trailers, and houses, hospitals and schools across the region remain shuttered. For thousands of people, the Katrina recovery has failed.

(The Institute for Southern Studies report), published in collaboration with Oxfam America and the Jewish Funds for Justice, looks at 80 statistical indicators and draws on interviews with more than 40 Gulf Coast leaders to identify roadblocks to recovery, and ways federal leaders can tackle critical needs in the region like housing, jobs and coastal protection.

The study also features "Where did the Katrina money go?" -- an in-depth analysis of federal Katrina spending since 2005. The Institute reveals that, out of the $116 billion in Katrina funds allocated, less than 30% has gone towards long-term rebuilding -- and less than half of that 30% has been spent, much less reached those most in need. (Click the link for a full copy of the report)
Meanwhile, Bush wants another $50 billion to fund his failed war and extend it at least until the next President takes over. Priorities...

And then he has the nerve to throw Michael Jerkoff's name out as a possible successor to Gonzo.

There was an amusing exchange between NPR's Robert Siegel and Pat Leahy the other day, in which Siegel pressed Leahy for comment on the possibility of Jerkoff's going up for AG. Leahy was trying, I guess, to follow the “if you can't say anything nice” dictum, but Siegel pushed a little too hard and Leahy finally said something along the lines of “we're talking about the man who's overseeing the Katrina reconstruction effort, that guy?” Fucking brilliant.

By the by, are you NK who went to WHS back in the day ('77 grad?)? If so, we were pals. You can e-mail me at ggmoraonline AT mac DOT com if you're interested.
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