August 07, 2007


And here I thought the guy just wrote kick-ass comics...

David Rees, the man who brings us brilliant stuff like this:

(Click for more) also one helluva an essayist. Do yourself a favor and read his evisceration of Michael Ignatieff's article, "Getting Iraq Wrong", from this past Sunday's New York Times Magazine. Here's a small excerpt (with Ignatieff's inanity in italics):
"We might test judgment by asking, on the issue of Iraq, who best anticipated how events turned out. But many of those who correctly anticipated catastrophe did so not by exercising judgment but by indulging in ideology. They opposed the invasion because they believed the president was only after the oil or because they believed America is always and in every situation wrong."

"Always and in every situation wrong?" Come on, we all like it when America wins at the Olympics, right? I bet even Ward Churchill had a crush on Mary Lou Retton, back in the day. Good thing they didn't make a baby together, though! Wow! That would have been an intense baby-- unlimited negative energy vs. unlimited positive energy and all that! For real, though: You anti-war people have got to admit, Ignatieff has you nailed. You dumb-asses who were right about everything for the wrong reasons, instead of wrong about everything for the right reasons. You lose.

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