July 08, 2007


Live Earth+Spinal Tap

Spinal Tap along with "every bass player in the universe" perform the "Biggest Bottom" ever in London as part of the 9-city Live Earth festival:

Spinal Tap
(Click to watch)

When you're using Safari and you click on the link it goes to this address: http://www.looptvandfilm.com/blog/live_earth/spinal_tap.html and the movie doesn't appear.

If you change the address to: http://www.looptvandfilm.com/blog/live_earth/spinal_tap.mov the movie appears.

In Firefox it works just fine.
hmmn, it works fine in my Safari. perhaps it's your settings. but thanks for the heads up...
I really thank you for posting this!...I missed it live, and it seems that
YouTube has removed all traces of it.
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